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What is Bio-water? Minerals and electrolytes that are essential for us to live in the optimum ratio, the concentration of the liquid contains. It is the water closest to the human body. The ionic drink, which we commonly know, mimics Bio-water.

We intend to disseminate bio-related products through the shopping mall, which is based on the private block chain to induce customers' 'special participation' and give them valueand stature. Biowater-specialty shopping mall specializes in products and customers.

we propose a way to increase the value of the product and increase the premium of the product buyer by allowing transactions to be made on the basis of a centralized private block chain so as to defend against various abusing related to the transaction of the patented product.


Biowater-specialized shopping mall

  • Premium online shopping mall

    The biowater specialty shopping mall is aimed at the business environment of the 'premium online shopping mall'.

  • Customer differentiation

    the shopping mall specializing in bio-water uses a block chain to link customer information with product sales information, and differentiates customers through value-added.

  • Utilization of Private Block Chain

    Although a bio-specialty shopping mall is structurally limited in its scalability, it increases the reliability of the whale by a private block chain that supports fast transactions, speed, and large-volume transactions.

Product Line-up

Face Mask / Sun Cream

This is a product that greatly improves anti-aging and moisture retention, a feature of living water. Contains more than a certain proportion of biological water extracted by patented technology and has excellent skin protection function. Excellent for whitening and wrinkle improvement. Unlike conventional products, sun cream products are made from bio-water without chemical ingredients, making it easy for people with weak skin or allergies to use them freely.

Perfume / Mist

In the case of perfume, the biological water of the plant is directly extracted without the artificial fragrance extracted or used chemically. As with atopic and psoriatic patients, even if the immune system is weak, it can be used without worrying about inflammation and rash.Especially, in the case of mist, it is possible to extract the Biowater from the plants which have strong fragrance such as rose and lilac, so that it can be produced directly, and it is possible to enjoy both moisture retention and perfume.

Health Food / Medicines

In the case of biological water-extracted medicine, it is already prescribed in a general hospital in Korea as an anticancer treatment supplements for cancer patients. Biological water extraction technology produces powders (powders), etc., and these patents are owned exclusively by BWC worldwide. In case of health food, ginseng capsules (powder) and ginseng extract will be released in advance.

Drinks / bottled water

We will supply beverages with increased water content. It is expected to show a method of adding more than a certain amount of Biwater to all the physical ingredients and a method of making it with a biological water extract. Unlike pure water, it is expected to have a significant increase in water absorption rate.



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